Bomb Series

LetterBomb is a fast paced game of wits and spelling ability. .
Can you clear out the bombs by spelling words before they get to the bottom of screen? If not then game over! Challenge your friends and family to see who can get the farthest or the highest score!

Vampire Test

What type of vampire are you?
Take the ultimate vampire test! Tap on your victims for the bite of your life before time runs out. See what creatures your blood craves.

Quickie Sex Test

What does your subconscious mind sexually crave?
Take the test and find out. This app will reveal your most inner desires! Is it kinky? Probably. Is it fun? You bet!

LIABS Game Design

LIABS Game expands the popular Bomb Series of games!
As a followup to the popular LetterBomb app, LIABS Games is excited to announce the creation of DigitBombs and ColorBomb as an expansion to the Bomb Series of games.  As with LetterBomb, these apps mix fun & strategy with an educational component to teach as well as provide for hours of fun.

LIAB Business Apps

LIABS Business Apps bring effeciency to business via the IPad.
Coming Soon.....a new line of iPad / IPhone apps for the business person on the go.  Simple, efficient, and mobile.